Back to the future.

A timeless classic from the outside. Advanced photometry system on the inside. REFLEKTER is the pendant light that changes everything.

We've got curves.

Crunches numbers.

  • Colour Temperature

    2700 → 5600K

    Warm to daylight | 5 X CCT options

  • Brightness
    1300 → 4300lm

    Low to powerful | 3 X lumen options

  • Ingress Protection

    IPXX  → IP65

    Indoor or outdoor | 2 X IP options

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Break with tradition.

Decorative lighting often scores on looks but not light output. Meantime, lighting designers, architects and engineers are stuck with technical lighting that performs like a rock star but doesn't look like one. REFLEKTER is your invitation to explore the best of both worlds using a single pendant light. It's a better, brighter, future.

Mounting options.


Longer spans | better data transfer


Small | Large (with or without driver)


Small | Large (USA / EU / UK hole spacings)


Multiple adapter types

Are you experienced?

If decorative lighting is your only reference, it can feel breathtaking to experience our light engines. Reveal the natural beauty of fabrics, wood, metals and skin tones like never before. REFLEKTER product configurator is intuitive and inclusive, even for inexperienced designers. Uplift your design project.

Locally respected

'FACTORYLUX take fresh thinking to the next level. A true partner in the lighting design process'...

Christopher Knowlton, co-founder, 18 Degrees, London

Colour me good.

Stone Rumbled

The new standard for circular economy

Matt White

Zero VOC | Magic Paint ™

Matt Black

Zero VOC | Magic Paint ™

Move closer.

REFLEKTER is easily height adjustable, so you can get our advanced light engines physically closer to the action. Original and dramatic lighting scenes are now possible.

Office work.

REFLEKTER for office and co-working spaces is a thing. People do their best work in environments that look and feel this good. Spotify, Autodesk, Google, Warner Bros and Nasdaq are REFLEKTER® early adopters. Great workspaces attract great talent. Your office interior and lighting design goals can be achieved in a single piece of kit.

Popular with installers.

"Quick, easy, top-notch paperwork..."

...An installer

Hey decorative lighting, enjoy your retirement .

Less is more. REFLEKTER has been loosening the grip of decorative lighting on projects since 2016. Designers who previously relied on seperate technical and decorative lighting now use REFLEKTER alone. That's great news for the planet, because too much decorative lighting ends up in landfill.

What's possible just got bigger.

From living walls to human-centric design, the connection between artificial light and wellbeing is increasingly recognised. Client visuals and renders are a breeze to create with our comprehensive photometry and BIM data. REFLEKTER can help you stay ahead of your competition.

Dancing on the ceiling.

Circular economy. Personified.


Conforms to manifesto

Upgrades + Adaptations

Easy and inexpensive

Smaller Circles | Worn Lighting

End-of-life buy back.

Cradle to Cradle

End-of-life is the start of another one.

Controls Freak

Plug and play configurable with a range of dimming protocols.

  • DALI | PUSH | 1-10V | 0-10V | BLE
    Open Source

  • Casambi | Lutron

Great, outdoors.

Interior, exterior and wet location certified. REFLEKTER delivers new possibilities for design continuity within a scheme. Dual indoor / outdoor ingress protection is an obvious feature but also a rare one because it's a deceptively difficult engineering challenge, especially when looks matters.