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Reflekter Large | Stone Rumbled | Small Monopoint

Reflekter Large | Stone Rumbled | Small Monopoint

This architectural pendant light delivers up to 4750lm and the potential for 'closed loop' Circular Economy. A ⌀500mm 'XL' version is also available. Choose from different luminaire optics and accessories, including UGR (Unified Glare Ratio) filters.

Spotify, Autodesk and Google all use Reflekter™ as office lighting, by getting the LED closer to the subject, less product and fewer lumens are required to achieve the same lux level - installations can be faster and running costs lower compared to traditional linear lighting.

'Small Monopoint' is a 65mm diameter X 30mm deep circular Pendant light mounting / enclosure for housing electrical connections, with a sturdy, flat lid. Standard BESA (50.8mm) rear hole spacings for surface mounting to walls, ceilings, cable tray or other suitable surfaces / materials.

Stone-Rumbled is our low-energy, no-pollution, endlessly repeatable surface finish for raw aluminium. It creates a natural, consistent texture and is your healthiest alternative to regular paint or powder coatings.

Life Cycle Assessment: this luminaire is specially designed for high-efficacy, low pollution, long service-life and 'closed-loop' re-use. Achieve your sustainable development goals and support environmental / well-being assessments such as BREEAM, LEED, WELL, SKA.

• 100% free-from paint, plastic & adhesives
• No microplastic pollution
• No VOC (volatile organic compound) offgassing
• Repair, upgrade or dissassemble with standard tools

• High-efficacy, replaceable LED
• Long-life, replaceable driver
• PVC-free cables

Closed Loop Circular Economy:
• Make-Unmake: our factory can dissasemble 'used' Stone-Rumbled body components and 're-rumble' back to 'new' again (and again)
• Magic-Packaging: 100% paper - every product, every project (even the pallets and strapping) definitely no plastics
• 100% Designed & assembled in Yorkshire
• Component origins include UK, EU, Mexico, Taiwan, China & Phillipines

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