Of all the stones hurtling through space, Planet Earth is the only one known to support life. From photosynthesis to human brain function, without light, everything is nothing. Light is what we do, the planet is why we do it the way we do.

In practical terms, we're a tiny manufacturer in Yorkshire who address catastrophic unsustainability in the lighting industry. This is how we're doing it: 

  1. Make architectural lighting to the same technical standards as the corporate brands
  2. Do it within a new and radical framework for science-based Circular Economy
  3. Drive down unit price by phasing out sales reps and middle-men (they're rarely women ;-)
  4. Win market share from big lighting corporations with big footprints, because that's where we can make the most difference 

In 2023 we completed the first part of our sustainability mission: we achieved zero paint, powder coatings, plastics, adhesives and composites in the bodies and packaging of all Factorylux lighting and lighting track (basically everything except electronics and lenses). It's a revolution in terms of toxicity, microplastics and VOC's, but the biggest gain is how it unlocks our ability to disassemble and reprocess for 'closed loop' Circular Economy.

Next up: it's time to fix the electronics. This is a much bigger, more complex and consequential piece of work that we couldn't have done first or we simply wouldn't be here today - we would not have been taken seriously and our pockets were nowhere near deep enough to cover that fact. 

We’re older and wiser now, we make fewer missteps than those early days and the revenue we generated en route (±£15 million) is a very important part of our story - even small factories are costly to set up properly - which we couldn't have done without the support of specifiers everywhere.

So that's the mission, it's definitely inclusive and if you like the sound of what we're doing, we hope you will choose to get involved any which way you can. 

Thank you, Team Factorylux.