Reflekter Large | Stone Rumbled | Large Monopoint

Reflekter Large | Stone Rumbled | Large Monopoint

This architectural pendant light delivers up to 4750lm and the potential for 'closed loop' Circular Economy. A ⌀500mm 'XL' version is also available. Choose from different luminaire optics and accessories, including UGR (Unified Glare Ratio) filters.

Spotify, Autodesk and Google all use Reflekter™ as office lighting, by getting the LED closer to the subject, less product and fewer lumens are required to achieve the same lux level - installations can be faster and running costs lower compared to traditional linear lighting.

'Track Adaptor' is our luminaire mounting that's compatible with most regular lighting track. We supply 'GLOBAL' by Nordic Aluminium as standard, though Stucci, Eutrack, Erco and other brands are available on request.

Stone-Rumbled is our low-energy, no-pollution, endlessly repeatable surface finish for raw aluminium. It creates a natural, consistent texture and is your healthiest alternative to regular paint or powder coatings.

Life Cycle Assessment: this luminaire is specially designed for high-efficacy, low pollution, long service-life and 'closed-loop' re-use. Achieve your sustainable development goals and support environmental / well-being assessments such as BREEAM, LEED, WELL, SKA.


  • 100% free-from regular paint, plastic & adhesives
  • No microplastic pollution
  • No VOC (volatile organic compound) offgassing
  • Repair, upgrade or dissassemble with standard tools


  • High-efficacy, replaceable LED
  • Long-life, replaceable driver
  • PVC-free cables

Closed Loop Circular Economy:

  • Make-Unmake: our factory can dissasemble 'used' Stone-Rumbled body components and 're-rumble' back to 'new' again (and again)
  • Magic-Packaging: 100% paper - every product, every project (even the pallets and strapping) definitely no plastics
  • 100% Designed & assembled in Yorkshire
  • Component origins include UK, EU, Mexico, Taiwan, China & Phillipines
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