Cleanest lines ever.

TRACK-PIPE® looks amazing and blows away standard lighting track on both technical performance and circular economy. It's the biggest thing in lighting track since lighting track was invented.

Crunches numbers.

  • Span length

    500mm → 3000mm

    short to long | 6 X options

  • Coupler Shapes

    X T L I

    Build shapes | 4 X options

  • Colour Finish

    Metal → Colour

    Stainless Steel or MAGIC PAINT™| 2 X options

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Stronger. Longer.

TRACK-PIPE® suspends in mid-air as if by magic. Long, uncluttered spans of up to 3000mm between suspension points are standard. Manufactured from high-performance stainless steel, it's got more in common with aerospace engineering than with regular lighting track.

Mounting options.

  • Ceiling Plates

  • M10 Sockets

  • M10 studs

  • Wall Bracket

Pipe Dream.

TRACK-PIPE® is the perfect partner for open ceilings, visible timber, concrete, HVAC, pipework and ducting. Make your project pop with cleaner lines and better design continuity.

More signal. Less noise

'We developed a fantastic working relationship with FACTORYLUX, a proactive forward thinking company who deliver'...

Nick Gumery, Lush (Asia, Eu, UK stores)

More signal. Less noise.

Data transfer is more reliable than all other track lighting systems because TRACK-PIPE® does it differently. Every stage of the signal journey is via cables + connectors for unmatched decoding reliability.

Quicker and easier to install

TRACK-PIPE® is built to order in our UK factory from high performance stainless steel. Your project will arrive beautifully packaged and ready for installation. Contractors love TRACK-PIPE® because there is less waste, less work and less risk than regular track.

Popular with installers

'Quick and easy to install and the paperwork is top notch'...

...An installer

Structural expressionist.

From the Pompidou Centre to the Nike Air Max 1. We ♡ Fazlur Khan, the visionary Bangladeshi-American engineer who sowed the seeds of Structural Expressionism. TRACK-PIPE® is strong on the outside and honest all over. 

Peace of mind.

Despite the revolution in light sources and controls, track lighting itself has seen little or no innovation since Anthony Donato was awarded the original patent in 1961. Gaining confidence with any new system can be daunting at first. We're here to support your project from inception to installation. 

Small Waste

TRACK-PIPE® is serious about circular economy. It's durable and built to last. It's not cheap or mass produced, so retains residual value and is more likley to be repurposed at end-of-life. In the event it does need to enter the waste stream, it's not painted and can be easily dismantled and sorted into constituent materials. Plastics and composites make up less than 5% of TRACK-PIPE product mass 

Circular economy. Personified.


Conforms to manifesto.

Upgrades + Adaptations

Easy and inexpensive.

Smaller Circles | Worn Lighting

End-of-life buy back.

Controls Freak.

Plug and play configurable with a range of dimming protocols.

DALI | 1-10V | 0-10V | BLE