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Saving is behaving.


Skin+Bones™ packs our most powerful light engine into our simplest form factor at our most affordable price. It’s a game-changer for cost-conscious design projects that can't afford to compromise technical performance or circular economy.

from £185 +VAT

Crunches numbers.

Colour Temperature

2700 → 5600K

Warm to daylight | 5 X CCT options


1300 → 5000lm

Low to powerful | 3 X lumen options

Colour Rendering

80+ → 95+ CRI

TM-30 or efficiency | 2 X CRI options 

Ingress Protection


Indoor or outdoor | 2 X IP options

Change your hardware, not your light calcs.

Skin+Bones does what you need, just when you need it. It’s a life-line for projects that have been or will be selected for cost-engineering. Maintain your original lighting design intent at a fraction of the cost.

Mounting options.




Longer spans | better data transfer




Small | Large (with or without driver)




Small | large (USA / EU / UK hole spacings)




Multiple adapter types

Same powerful light engine.

We put the high-performance light engine from NINETY-NINE into SKIN+BONES. Best-in-class colour consistency means that whether your focus is art, skin-tones or general illumination, everything will look and feel fantastic.

Locally respected.

'FACTORYLUX put their heart into each product and project. Besides being great to work with. I always feel confident that the end result will be of highest quality'...


Beata Denton, Reflex Arkitekter, Stokholm


Colour me good.


Stone Rumbled

The new standard for circular economy

Affordable. Adorable.

Skin+Bones comes with advanced photometry options to make your project pop. Keep it cool and bright or configure for max warmth and turn the lux down low, it’s your choice. Everything we make is designed to give you the control you need, including budgets.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

So how do we do it? Professional lighting specifiers asked us to maintain our rockstar technical performance and circular economy but make it available at a lower price point. We’re too small to screw suppliers and too BCORP to screw the planet. We had to find a new way.

Popular with installers.

'Quick and easy to install and the paperwork is top notch'...

... An installer

Simple bare necessities.

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) is an engineering methodology that focuses on simplified parts manufacture and rapid assembly of final product. Following this logic, Skin+Bones is basically the 'insides' of our premium products with a simplified mechanical action and fewer optional extras.

More to love, less to spend.

A marginal saving on each component and process makes for a significant saving overall. It's a saving we pass directly onto you.

Circular economy. Personified.





Conforms to manifesto.


Upgrades + Adaptations


Easy and inexpensive. 


Smaller Circles | Worn Lighting


End-of-life buy back.



Cradle Cradle To Cradle Certified™


Scheduled for completion in Q3 2021.

Controls Freak.

Plug and play configurable with a range of dimming protocols.


DALI | PUSH | 1-10V | 0-10V | BLE


Open Source


Casambi | Lutron



Other ways to harness technical performance and circular economy