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Quality Safety Photometry



Quality is our priority.

Our unique, open-plan manufacturing space helps us innovate. Our small workforce is highly skilled. Passionately accurate.

We work flexibly. Inspired by the Toyota Production System. Hacked to accommodate our passion and our high standards.

Our manufacturing tolerances are highly-controlled. Cloud-based QMS. Full product traceability. Strict SOP. Training and testing adherence.

We’re quality-management experts.


Our success relies on compliance. It’s at the heart of everything we do. And one of our most substantial investments.

Factorylux co-founder, Sophie Gollop, is a respected compliance specialist.

We obsessively design and manufacture to IEC + BS EN 60598. Supported by LIA and UL lab certification.

FACTORYLUX Compliance Director


FACTORYLUX Goniophotometer

We understand LED. We’re driven by the beauty and precision of science.

We own and operate our own goniophotometer and spectrometer.

Our technology is vertically integrated. We can share data with designers in a few hours.

All on-site. All personal. Always accurate.

FACTORYLUX Photometry results