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'Seiton' is a Japanese methodology of orderliness; 'to be certain your things are always in the right place when you need them' and part of '5S'; seiri 整理, seiton 整頓, seisō 清掃, seiketsu 清潔, and shitsuke 躾.

It's the secret behind the immaculate Factorylux factory and how we became so well known for delivering reliable, high-end projects for clients like ARUP and Foster & Partners. 

MAGIC SEITON is the best Seiton ever, because we took the organisational aspect and applied circular economy principles - for the first time - by using layers of pure, natural 100% recycled paper only (from trees), definitely no synthetics, plastics, foam, paint, VOCs or other toxic and unrecyclable nasties.

You can easily design a MAGIC SEITON for yourself, using the same, simple process that our technicians use in the Factorylux factory, our high-precision, in-house MAGIC SEITON robot will cut it for you, no problem.

This is what you'll need to create:

  • A .pdf file (no other formats)
  • Max length / width:
    - UK delivery address: 60cm x 50cm 
    - Outside UK: 34cm x 24cm
  • Strokes only, no fills (ie. a line drawing)
  • All strokes saved to a single layer named 'Cut' (no extra layers or names)
  • Match file name to delivery contact (firstname.surname.pdf)
  • Final thickness is 21mm, made of 7 removable layers.

Watch the video for a full explanation:

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