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Consistent. Traceable. Kaizen. 

Our home is a former trouser factory. Remodelled for the modern world. Nestled in the historic South Pennines. A Tour de France stage host and Inspiration for Brontë's Wuthering Heights. We're proud of our beautiful surroundings. The spectacular countryside. The down-to-earth, welcoming community we exist within.

Our Factorylux technicians are experts. Consistency and reliability is crafted into every piece we build. Our 1700m² factory is fast, efficient, and Kaizen. We strive to improve in our craft and our culture continuously.

Every product that leaves our production line is traceable. By a unique batch code. Permanetly marked. We can trace who built it, when they built it. And what time it was.



We super-proud of our modern, employee-co-owned production facility. We believe it's like no other. And we want to share it. Our approach to our craft is meticulous and passionate. We're 100% transparent. You're welcome to explore our manufacturing space to your heart's content. 

So, come and experience it for yourself. Or sign up for a #HWA trip. For you or your whole practise.