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So Fresh. So Clean.


Simple, modernist. NINETY-NINE™ is lighting, reduced to its essential qualities. It's a perfect aesthetic fit for open ceilings, flat colour schemes and exposed building services.

from £225 +VAT

Pendant. Or spotlight.

Configurable photometry

Modernist Aesthetic

Flat surface texture and colour

Magic heatsink

Revolutionary Circular Economy options

Smart BIM

Less is more.

Best-in-class technical performance, delivered within clean, uncluttered lines. Raw aluminium construction, stone-rumbled as standard for unbelievable surface texture, finish and colour. NINETY-NINE is a modern look for the modern era.

Mounting options.




Longer spans | better data transfer




Small | Large (with or without driver)




Small | large (USA / EU / UK hole spacings)




Multiple adapter types

Flat design.

NINETY-NINE is a simple, unaffected product. It's featureless exterior has an indescribable matt texture that you'll almost want to lick. It's the natural pick for projects with exposed timber, concrete, metal work, or wabi-sabi surface textures.

Locally respected.

''The FACTORYLUX team is always up for a challenge. Noticeable commitment to values'...


Fabio Cristini, There's Light, London


Colour me good.


Stone Rumbled

The new standard for circular economy


Matt White 

Graphene based | Cradle to Cradle Certified™


Matt Black 

Graphene based | Cradle to Cradle Certified™

remote driver | integral driver
remote driver | integral driver
remote driver | integral driver

Pro Performance.

With up to 2600lm of high-CRI directional light and 5 popular colour temperatures, NINETY-NINE offers your project far more than just good looks.

Magic heatsink.

Magic Heatsink removes the need for any external fixings (screws, bolts, welds or adhesives) for the cleanest lines ever. It's also quick and easy to disassemble, a revolution in Circular Economy design.

The installers friend.

'Arrived on time, easy to install, solid piece of kit'...

... An installer

Standing on the shoulders of giants.

From Pompidou Centre to Nike Air Max. We ♡ Fazlur Khan, the visionary Bangladesh-USA engineer who sowed the seeds of Structural Expressionism. Inside-out design and full visibility of the engineering is where NINETY-NINE is at.

Flat design.

Perfectly dull-grey. Tactile surface texture, reminiscent of unglazed porcelain. NINETY-NINE contains no paint, varnish or other chemical surface treatments. Our stone-rumble process delivers an absolutely flat, wabi-sabi style finish, revealing the beauty of raw aluminium.

Dancing on the ceiling.

Honeycomb louvre
spreader lens | frosted lens

Circular economy. Personified.





Conforms to manifesto.


Upgrades + Adaptations


Easy and inexpensive. 


Smaller Circles | Worn Lighting


End-of-life buy back.



Cradle To Cradle


End-of-life is the start of another one.

Controls Freak.

Plug and play configurable with a range of dimming protocols.


DALI | PUSH | 1-10V | BLE


Open Source


Casambi, Lutron, iLight...


+ other proprietary lighting control systems

Other ways to harness technical performance and circular economy