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FACTORYLUX® is protecting the planet for the next generation and beyond. One of the most responsible things we can do as a company is make high-quality equipment that lasts for years, so you don't have to buy more of it.

Another is to not pay commission to our employees, including our sales team. They are not incentivised to sell more equipment than is necessary. Instead we make them employee co-owners via an HMRC accredited EMI equity scheme. Long term thinking is baked into the soul of the company.

Paper Packaging


Our packaging has been 100% paper-based for over a decade. Minimum plastics usage is designed into product, processes and packaging. We encourage the use of unpainted raw metals. Our lighting is designed and built to last. If you do manage to break it we can repair it. Without fuss or drama. Wherever possible we will buy back unwanted FACTORYLUX® lighting. Which we will refurbish, retest, recertificate and resell via our own website.

Paper Voidfill


Our factory runs two renewable biomass systems. Energy efficiency is considered as a key performance metric for all our products. We enable you to make informed choices. By measuring and sharing accurate energy data. Alternatves can be recommended wherever required. 

Biomass Heating


In 2009. We launched a scheme to buy empty cereal boxes from local school children. We pay generously, per kilo. We’re encouraging them to recycle. We use it to print our business stationery. It takes the message to our suppliers and customers. Our business cards are beautifully printed on both sides. It’s our unique way of sharing our love. Of design, print, and typography. We call it community activism.

The planet isn’t ours to destroy. So we protect it.

FACTORYLUX Environmental