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Like no other.


ELVADALE is an elegant and beautifully appointed luminaire that exists in a category of its own. ELVADALE is an ultra-premium lighting system that enables you to push the limits of what's possible.

from £465+VAT

Available as pendant. Or spotlight.

Configurable photometry

Instantly recognisable

Superbly engineered

Bespoke and signature styling

Our most powerful full bodied spotlight

Smart BIM and photometry data

Performance with refined elegance.

An immense light engine, with the power to surprise the senses. Thanks to a larger-than-standard heatsink that draws heat from the chip and disperses it via solid aluminium fin stacks, ELVADALE is our first and only enclosed spotlight to unleash up to 3000lm at 95+ CRI.

Mounting options.




Longer spans | better data transfer




S (remote driver) | L (integral driver)




S | L (USA / EU / UK hole spacings)




Multiple adapter types

Go your own way.

ELVADALE offers the freedom to customise around exclusive tastes and unique style. Ultimate luxury and optional two tone paintwork. Curious eyes won’t know where to look.


Locally respected.

'FACTORYLUX customer service feels more like effective communication between persons to pursue a common goal'...


Andres Sanchez, Lichtvision, Berlin