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Lighting equipment with technical performance and circular economy.

Of all the stones hurtling through space, Planet Earth is the only one known to support life. From photosynthesis to human brain function, without light, everything is nothing. Light is what we do, the planet is why we do it the way we do.

Back in the 2000’s our company was just one person and an eBay listing. Technical performance ambition was there, but investment and a factory was not. Our best shot was to salvage, upgrade and resell redundant mid-century industrial lighting. Durable, easy to disassemble, few adhesives, paints, plastic or composites. It was our introduction to circular economy. 

Over the next decade we invested everything in building a new kind of factory and a new kind of lighting equipment.

Today, every FACTORYLUX product is designed & assembled in Yorkshire. We’re light years ahead on technical performance and circular economy. And this is just the beginning.

Our resources and capabilities were hard earned. We use them wherever we can to support people and projects who think long-term. We high-five those who aspire to better lighting at a reduced cost to the planet. That’s the future.